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Why I Cancelled My Setapp Subscription

Setapp is a subscription-based online service, which gives people access to a list of paid apps for a small fee per month. Now, that fee is around £8 ($9.99), while the apps (69 at the moment of writing) cost over £2000 in total if you buy them separately.

It did seem like a good deal at a first glance. But, how many apps do I use from the list?

I caught myself using only six, of which only three I have been using at work on a daily basis:

  • Sip (daily)
  • Hype (daily)
  • Capto (daily)
  • Ulysses
  • Squash
  • Gemini

If I buy the first three separately (and I probably will), they will cost me £84. One-time fee.

Setapp costs me £98 per year. Every year.

It does not sound like a very good deal now, does it?

(it did not sound right when I realised this.)

I am not saying you should not subscribe to Setapp. But before you do, look at the apps you are intending to use and consider how much you will be paying if you buy them separately.

Depending on the value you get, Setapp might or might not be the right service for you.

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