People I have worked with said:

“I very much enjoyed working with Harry, who brought many qualities to the team, including excellent teamwork, communication, technical skills and a knowledge of pedagogy. I would not hesitate to recommend Harry, and I look forward to seeing his career develop.”

Mike Cameron
Digital Education Environment Manager
University of Bristol

"Harry has established a good reputation for thorough investigation and conclusive solving of problems. He is also very careful to share what he learns with others, so as to promote good practice and to communicate news in a clear and timely manner. He has taken on new ideas and projects with enthusiasm, as well as his own initiatives which were core to the work of the team. His colleagues and academic clients benefit greatly from his work, not to mention the students, whose lecturers will be better informed of the TEL options available to them and more acutely aware of the importance of inclusive online course design principles.""

Richard Francis
Principal Learning Technologist
Oxford Brookes University