Delivering Online Training

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When I first joined Oxford Brookes, I led the redesign, relaunch and delivery of our staff training. Until I joined, the team would agree on certain dates and certain topics and would deliver training for our supported tools. Staff would sign up for those sessions, but would rarely attend. This was an important business problem for the team, which I aimed to solve with the introduction of one-to-one surgery sessions (twice a week), where staff would book a session and come and discuss the issues of their choice with the trainer. I moved the booking form from Google Forms to Moodle using the Scheduler activity, which allowed the team to restrict the number of people who could book a session to one person only.

Staff were able to book one-to-one sessions using our form in Moodle. Click for full resolution.

Furthermore, I introduced the idea and now practice of using tools (such as Google Hangouts and for online delivery of these sessions, where staff can share their screen with the trainer to receive quick help.

Staff I have supported have given some positive feedback:

“Thanks for your invaluable help, without which I would have never been able to short out my Moodle sites in time for the tutors to familiarise themselves with the courses”

“Very happy with his help, as usual!”

“Harry was great - really helpful in sorting out my Moodle problems”

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