Copyright for Publication Course

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At Oxford Brookes, I designed a course on ‘Copyright for Publication’ as part of our ‘Get Published’ project, which aims to help students to publish their work. The course is a requirement for all students who wish to publish and concentrates on the use of images in their work.

I worked closely with a Subject Matter Expert on the course and I was responsible for the instructional design point of view. I made the course in Moodle (as being reusable was not a priority) using the Flexible Sections format, H5P, media, activity completion and badges.

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The PI of the project said about the course:

I loved this. About as exciting and interactive as you can make copyright law. Interactive, plenty of resources for extra reading too. One of the few courses I have seen that don’t really need any feedback.

Students said:

I am not familiar with the laws of copyright in the slightest, and I felt that completing this quick and easy course has given me a reasonable bedrock of knowledge. Making it so simple meant that it wasn’t a chore to get through, and the small quizzes are a constant reminder that progress is being made.

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