Blackboard Learn Video Course

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At University of Bristol, I developed a micro-teaching video course to help staff explore aspects of Blackboard Learn, the institutional VLE, and develop best practices for online course design (as part of the University’s baseline guide). I made 11 videos, for which I wrote the script, recorded audio (with Audacity) and video and sync them with Camtasia. The videos were uploaded to the team’s YouTube channel, which I also managed throughout the project. The videos have now been used by more than 300 members of staff, who have significantly improved their courses (as depicted in that year’s NSS scores).


The videos start by showing the end result followed by a credits slide and then the steps that need to be taken to achieve the end result. For the credits slide I chose a minimalistic design, with black text and the University logo on white background. The title of the video appears in the middle in larger text, while the logo and the name of team at top and bottom respectively with smaller font size.

Video sample

YouTube Channel

I managed the team’s channel on YouTube myself and branding followed the one of the videos.

The YouTube channel of the Digital Education team at Bristol.

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