On Learning Technology

Personal journal and portfolio of Harry Kalantzis.

Manual of Style

The original idea comes from Audacious Fox’s and The Newsprint’s respective manuals of style.


This page serves as a personalised style guide for this very journal and portfolio. The aim is to bring consistency to my writing.


British English instead of US English.

Comma use.

Colons: Capitalise the first letter of a complete sentence after a colon.

Em dash: Use when a comma is too weak, but a colon, semi­colon, or pair of paren­the­ses is too strong. Spaces before and after the use of an em dash: You are the friend — the only friend — to help me.

Hyphen with all e-terms, including e-book, e-learning, except no hyphen in email.

Possessive plural: Attach a single apostrophe: The Olympus’ lens is sharp.

Title capitalization. Capitalise all verbs, nouns and pronouns, and all words of four or more letters. The following words may be left lowercase: a, and, as, at, but, by, en, for, if, in, of, on, or, the, to, v., vs., via.

Reference (A–Z)

Backup (n.).

Back up (v.).

Books. Titles go in quotes, with principle words capitalised.



E-learning. Learning in an online environment.


Home screen.


Learnt, instead of learned.

macOS. Apple’s desktop operating system.

Overtime (noun).

Over time (as time passes).

Past (noun, adjective).

Passed (verb; past participle).

Roundup. A collection of things.

Style guide. A tool for any writer. It helps maintaining consistency across a publication.

Weblog. One word. An online journal.

Website. One word. A collection of pages on the internet.