On Learning Technology

Personal journal and portfolio of Harry Kalantzis.

Joining University of Bristol

After 5 years of studying, I could not think of a better start than an internship.

My background is in Elementary Education. But since 2008 that I entered Higher Education to earn my Bachelor’s, I have never practically left. Apart from some internships and volunteer work I did in elementary schools, my interaction with academic institutions and projects was constant.

I always knew that I am interested in educational technology, but, during my Master’s year here in Bristol, I discovered my interests and that educational technology development is what I would like to do for a living. I am no software developer or anything, but educators are a vital part when it comes to technology in education. I want to get involved in the design and development.

Well, after 5 years of studying — yes, it took me that long to figure out what I want to do with my life — I could not think of a better start than an internship.

I work in the University of Bristol as an intern on the Technology-Enhanced Learning Team, lead by Hilary Griffiths. It is no more than 4 hours per day, but it is a huge opportunity for me.

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