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I loved this. About as exciting and interactive as you can make copyright law. Interactive, plenty of resources for extra reading too. One of the few courses I have seen that don’t really need any feedback.

For the Copyright for Publication course.

I am not familiar with the laws of copyright in the slightest, and I felt that completing this quick and easy course has given me a reasonable bedrock of knowledge. Making it so simple meant that it wasn’t a chore to get through, and the small quizzes are a constant reminder that progress is being made.

For the Copyright for Publication course.

Really good, neat, easy to navigate.

For the Copyright for Publication course.

What an excellent job and what a perfect use of the H5P image jux tool! Thanks for making my life easier, Harry!

For the new features and changes pages.

Thank you so much for all your kind help with the online webinar, Harry! Having you there just gave me so much reassurance and confidence.

For online training delivery.