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The New iPad

The new iPad Image: Apple

Apple introduced a new iPad (called just ‘iPad’) today and people started moaning again about how big is the mistake that Apple is making with all these different iPad versions. This particular iPad replaces the outdated iPad Air 2 (which no longer appears in the product line) and it is Apple’s most affordable 9.7-inch tablet to date (in comparison to the 9.7-inch iPad Pro).

Personally, I understand Apple’s move (and this new iPad is probably the device I will be buying in the near future), which is targeting a wider audience and competing with the market.

Take the average iPad user for example. They like some iPad Mini features and some iPad Pro features. If Apple does not do anything about it, that average user will get a cheaper Chromebook or an Android tablet.

So, Apple introduces a cheaper iPad somewhere in the middle (spec-wise) and gives an alternative to that user.

Now, why they are giving choice to some, but taking choice away from others is an entirely different discussion.

Update 20:40. Two similar but better articulated opinions on that new iPad by Stephen Hackett and Joe Cieplinski.

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